06 July, 2010

Step by step to apply iron on crystal (DIY)

Some of Bling Bling's friend asked how to place the iron on design on their garment. Well at this post I would like to share the right method so if any of you buying ready made design online so its not a matter anymore.

Basically you can use a iron which you have at home must pleaseeeee ensure the right temperature and be extra careful. So check this out !!!!
1. Check the type of fabrics that suitable for iron on, as the followings:
Cottons, cotton blends, wool, silk, velveteen,  denim (the softer the better), t-shirts and sweater are probably your easiest fabrics; lycra, slinky (a little trickier, but possible), cotton sweaters are easiest.  Chiffon (be extra careful with the temperature of your iron). Always test fabrics if you’re not sure, read the garment hang tag.
2.Cut the motif according to your design.

3.Peel of the Mylar Film (plastic) and remove the white paper.
Then place it to your garment.


4.Press with medium heat, no stream, 8-10 seconds
Place the fabric to receive the transfer on a firm, flat, surface. To ensure your fabrics in good condition please use white cotton or thick tissue to cover the design as well as your fabrics surface.

5. Final touch...

Once the crystal / rhinestones cold at room temperature, peel off the plastic carefully.
Psst: Well you also can wet a handkerchiefs then press to the motifs so you don't have to wait after few minutes.

Tadaaaa.......... so this is the result... 


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