07 July, 2010

Dazzling... Glitterz... Bling Bling


Nak pergi dinner? kenduri kahwin? Ni la masa paling sesuai nak melaram....  tapi dalam almari semua baju lama...beli baju baru? Cam membazir lak... hummm jahit manik ? ok jugak ... opppsss too complicated and take long hour to finish your design then there is another option .. Tadaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! IRON ON CRYSTAL...a.k.a HOT-FIX CRYSTAL.

Below are some photo of customer in their BLING BLING outfit .. I also attached some design I did for them .... I wish it gave you some ideas :)

**Remark: Sha in her BLING BLING kaftan.. well most of the crystal use are swarovski.. I also used some ready made design.. which in normal circumstances been used for tudung (owning).. well with a little creativity you will have a great outfit.

**Remark: Normiati in her BLING BLING long dress.... it takes few weeks if want to have a fabulous n glamorous dress using normal beads n sequins... But by applying iron-on crystal it only takes less than a day for a stunning dress.

 **Remark: Dress was made from lycra.. without the crystal can u imagine how plain it was?  Its a combination of  few ready made designs. Pssst... this dress (iron-on crystal) cost less than RM100-00.

**Remark: If you thought iron on crystal only for Baju Kurung( dan yang seumpama dengannya) tutttt!!! U r wrong darling.... your plain t-shirt will have a new look with simple designs like flowers... butterfly n etc... so dun't limit yourself:).


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